Over my years as an indie artist i have encountered a lot of personalities. I have observed and interacted with professional artist and non-artist from hiphop, jazz, and on an academic level throughout my education and work history. I have achieved by anyones measure a "fair" amount of success for the amount of effort i have put into it. The thing that frustrates me the most is how as indie artist we are our own best resource as far as marketing and support of projects, shows, hell even buying a single. The new website indiehiphopradio.net is simply a resource that addresses this ongoing problem in the indie community. I have lost( yea lost as in blow it out your a...) thousands of dollars using middle men for marketing and other resources any artist need to make it in this industry. If you honestly dont think you have what it takes then you won't invest in yourself. Artist like Dizzy Wright among others grind indie and i respect that type of grind. Foregoing the "loan" from the majors to build your own empire, brand, dream,( add inspirational adjective of choice here.)I have had the most success directly collaborating with the artist even though i don't mind going through managers but unless you're clocking a milli a milli a milli a milli a hmmmm a whatever cuz its just a number, then you should be doing the personal grind and building meaningful relationships, meaningful being the keyword. So let's get this grind in order and co-promote, support, collaborate, all that. I am interested in creating a network of artist and of course fans and non- artist that support each others brands in deeper ways. Familia first and to the death. Thats how serious i take this art form. Like minded individuals will understand what im building and sign on in whatever way they see fit, but this is what its about. Vis a Vis or Vis a internet, or show, or (add appropriate interaction of choice here.) That's all for now. Thanks for taking the time to drop by. Back to building.   MOnk