Hello. My name is J . Gray.  I am a man. I am an artist. I am a musician. In a world overloaded with media and people telling you what to feel and how to think i am not here to add to that confusion. The purpose of my music is to give you alternatives and different ways of viewing the world. Right or wrong is irrelevant. This is simply one mans journey. But I am a man who has spent his life connecting with, observing, and trying to understand the humanity within himself and those around me.  I have also walked my own path in what it is that i do. I will connect with some, confuse others, piss some off, bore a sector, and excite and inspire a fraction. Regardless of what you think of me know this. What you hear coming from me is a reflection of who i am and what i have been through whether it be an instrumental or a flow. I am an intellectual and this is my approach to spoken and instrumental music. This is the only approach I  know and if it is not " the most efficient or effective" it is at least a true artist journey to discover himself and connect with humanity.  All I ask from those that care to hear what I have to say is for genuine human emotion and awareness. Time will do the rest.  I could go on but I think the art form I am engaged in learning will speak louder and more powerful than i can. I don't believe as an artist i need a layer between me and the people i build relationships with. I read everything you write and say about me and consider the source and its relevance in my artistic journey. In the end remember this about me.  I LIKE TO LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST, I LIKE TO ROCK., AND I LOVE MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS OF ALL CREEDS AND COLORS. Thanks for giving me a chance to share my journey and music with you.                   Jimmy Gray( Drunken Monk)                         Tuke1268@gmail.com

Bio....    I grew up in the southern united states in north louisiana.   I was a poet at a young age. A very young age. I studied music and piano in high school and grade school, and studied music theory and piano performance before moving to Berkeley, California to collaborate with other jazz and hip-hop artist in the bay area. I am currently working on a collection of hip-hop music for release soon samples of which are available on this web-site.  A mix tape of some of the music is available at datpiff.com and the link is posted here, however, be aware the music on the album will have different production than the mix tape material.